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From Billion Dollar Brands to Million Dollar Start-ups, Satya has turned around businesses with his innovative brand strategy and insightful creative campaigns. Time and again.

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Brand & Strategy, Asia


Feb '22 – Current

Satya currently leads Spotify's Brand and Strategy in SEA and crafted the brand's equity and positioning through large scale brand campaigns. He transformed Spotify from a schizophrenic campaign machine to a unified long-term brand strategy & platform to help Spotify become the #1 SEA Streaming Service (Best ever New-User Growth, Subs, Retention, Churn) over the past year. 

Led Spotify’s long-term ATL brand campaign platform, “Music That Finds You” (2023) based on comprehensive consumer/category research with superior brand strategy resulting the in the highest-ever qualified campaign across all 3 markets (ID/PH/TH).

His first fingerprints were left on the brand with the award-winning "Magic of Music" campaign that launched in July '22.

Music That Finds You, 2023

The Magic of Music, 2022, (PH/TH/ID)




Founder, CEO


Jun '19 – Current

Founded the cult brand BEEN THERE DONE THAT with the belief that there is a discover, albeit dormant, in all of us. He created the Lifelogue Poster Collection, a series of interactive posters, that are curated, exquisite, and designed to showcase a range of interests that evolve with the owner to become bespoke masterpieces inspiring a lifelong pursuit of passions. Today, the Lifelogues (26 and growing) are the world's most interactive posters and the business exploded into a million dollar business in 6 months.

The BTDT Story via their Stories


Credit: Creative Director




Regional Marketing Director


Jan '16 – Jun '19

Satya led the Olay commercial and business turnaround in South East Asia over 3 years.

1 – Global/Regional Campaigns – Led multi-functional teams to over 15 product launch campaigns with strong equity gains and business results.

2 – Communication Strategy – Developed Integrated Communication Strategies, Brand Equity Pyramids, Shopper Based Design Principles, Support Model Design Strategy, and Brand Re-Design.

3 – Creative Idea Development – Led end-to-end development of breakthrough ideas by identifying deep consumer insights, married with product propositions.

4 – Holistic Communication Assets – Led the development of over 15 holistic commercial toolkits (TVCs, iVideos, Social Push, Pull, eComm, In-Store, Print) from ideation, storyboard development to shoot, post production for offline/online channels.

Thai Serial Bridesmaid

Credit: Creative Director

Says Who?

Credit: Creative Director




Global Brand Manager


Dec '12 – Dec '15

Satya led the launch of Pampers Premium Care Pants across all major global markets.

1 – BRAND LAUNCH CAMPAIGNS – Led the development of global whitespace multi-million dollar launch campaigns by leading multi-regional cross-functional teams.

2 – BRAND BUILDING FUNDAMENTALS – Demonstrated core marketing competencies in

- Business Model Development – Defined business choices analyzing Consumer, Category, and Competitive landscapes influencing Communication Strategies, Product Innovations, Whitespace Expansion Plans and Support Model.

- Commercial Development – Defined Communication Message Strategy and developed globally qualified Concepts and holistic Commercial Toolkits covering TV, Online (e-Comm/Social/Mobile), In-Store by Channel, Product Demo (Online, In-Store) from brief to execution.

- Marketing Plans – Developed in-depth marketing and media plans across multiple touch points while driving budget and resource efficiencies.

- Consumer Understanding – Demonstrated strong skills in understanding consumers' unmet needs, identifying opportunities and recommending action plans to mitigate.

3 – DIGITAL MARKETING - Pioneered three 100% digital marketing campaigns including breakthrough e-Commerce Product Page designs with exceptional results. Recommended and drove agreements on new digital marketing strategies on a global business. Developed breakthrough e-Commerce Product Page designs receiving global recognition with roll-out across entire Pampers franchise.

4 – CORPORATE CAMPAIGN – Created the "dream P&G" campaign, which significantly improved P&G’s corporate equity resulting in P&G's first foray into Singapore's Top 10 employer rankings. Campaign was expanded to Asia.

5 – GLOBAL RECOGNITION – Awarded P&G's highest accolade for marketing leadership – "Recognition Shares". Also awarded 7 P&G “Power Of You” recognitions for breakthrough ideas and results.







Brand Manager


Jun '10 – Dec '12

Satya led the regional brand re-launches SEBASTIAN, Wella SP, NIOXIN.

1- Led the System Professional super prestige haircare brand launch campaign and Go-to-Market Strategy by leading a multi-functional team and distributors in 8 ASEAN markets exceeding targets by 293% creating the highest brand growth globally.

2- Led the NIOXIN super prestige haircare brand launch campaign and Go-to-Market Strategy by leading a multi-functional team and distributors in 6 ASEAN markets exceeding targets by 262% with highest growth in Asia.

3- Re-Invented the Go-to-Market Strategy by creating from scratch the end-to-end Sebastian Professional Facebook Trial + ER campaign becoming the #1 Prestige Haircare Brand Page in the world in less than 6 months.