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From Billion Dollar Brands to Million Dollar Start-ups, Satya has turned around businesses with his innovative brand strategy and insightful creative campaigns. Time and again.

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Brand & Strategy, SEA


Feb '22 – Current

Satya currently leads Spotify's Brand and Strategy marketing for South-East Asia crafting the brand's equity and positioning through large scale brand campaigns. His first fingerprints were left on the brand with the Magic of Music campaign that launched in July '22.

The Magic of Music, Spotify 2022




Founder, CEO


Jun '19 – Current

Founded the cult brand BEEN THERE DONE THAT with the belief that there is a discover, albeit dormant, in all of us. He created the Lifelogue Poster Collection, a series of interactive posters, that are curated, exquisite, and designed to showcase a range of interests that evolve with the owner to become bespoke masterpieces inspiring a lifelong pursuit of passions. Today, the Lifelogues (26 and growing) are the world's most interactive posters and the business exploded into a million dollar business in 6 months.

The BTDT Story via their Stories


Credit: Creative Director




Regional Marketing Director


Jan '16 – Jun '19

Satya led the Olay commercial and business turnaround in South East Asia over 3 years.

1 – Global/Regional Campaigns – Led multi-functional teams to over 15 product launch campaigns with strong equity gains and business results.

2 – Communication Strategy – Developed Integrated Communication Strategies, Brand Equity Pyramids, Shopper Based Design Principles, Support Model Design Strategy, and Brand Re-Design.

3 – Creative Idea Development – Led end-to-end development of breakthrough ideas by identifying deep consumer insights, married with product propositions.

4 – Holistic Communication Assets – Led the development of over 15 holistic commercial toolkits (TVCs, iVideos, Social Push, Pull, eComm, In-Store, Print) from ideation, storyboard development to shoot, post production for offline/online channels.

Thai Serial Bridesmaid

Credit: Creative Director

Says Who?

Credit: Creative Director




Global Brand Manager


Dec '12 – Dec '15

Satya led the launch of Pampers Premium Care Pants across all major global markets.

1 – BRAND LAUNCH CAMPAIGNS – Led the development of global whitespace multi-million dollar launch campaigns by leading multi-regional cross-functional teams.

2 – BRAND BUILDING FUNDAMENTALS – Demonstrated core marketing competencies in

- Business Model Development – Defined business choices analyzing Consumer, Category, and Competitive landscapes influencing Communication Strategies, Product Innovations, Whitespace Expansion Plans and Support Model.

- Commercial Development – Defined Communication Message Strategy and developed globally qualified Concepts and holistic Commercial Toolkits covering TV, Online (e-Comm/Social/Mobile), In-Store by Channel, Product Demo (Online, In-Store) from brief to execution.

- Marketing Plans – Developed in-depth marketing and media plans across multiple touch points while driving budget and resource efficiencies.

- Consumer Understanding – Demonstrated strong skills in understanding consumers' unmet needs, identifying opportunities and recommending action plans to mitigate.

3 – DIGITAL MARKETING - Pioneered three 100% digital marketing campaigns including breakthrough e-Commerce Product Page designs with exceptional results. Recommended and drove agreements on new digital marketing strategies on a global business. Developed breakthrough e-Commerce Product Page designs receiving global recognition with roll-out across entire Pampers franchise.

4 – CORPORATE CAMPAIGN – Created the "dream P&G" campaign, which significantly improved P&G’s corporate equity resulting in P&G's first foray into Singapore's Top 10 employer rankings. Campaign was expanded to Asia.

5 – GLOBAL RECOGNITION – Awarded P&G's highest accolade for marketing leadership – "Recognition Shares". Also awarded 7 P&G “Power Of You” recognitions for breakthrough ideas and results.







Brand Manager


Jun '10 – Dec '12

Satya led the regional brand re-launches SEBASTIAN, Wella SP, NIOXIN.

1- Led the System Professional super prestige haircare brand launch campaign and Go-to-Market Strategy by leading a multi-functional team and distributors in 8 ASEAN markets exceeding targets by 293% creating the highest brand growth globally.

2- Led the NIOXIN super prestige haircare brand launch campaign and Go-to-Market Strategy by leading a multi-functional team and distributors in 6 ASEAN markets exceeding targets by 262% with highest growth in Asia.

3- Re-Invented the Go-to-Market Strategy by creating from scratch the end-to-end Sebastian Professional Facebook Trial + ER campaign becoming the #1 Prestige Haircare Brand Page in the world in less than 6 months.